The app is currently in development. We plan to release it early 2020. For more information follow our twitter @FeetFinder.

When our app is finished anyone who is 18+ can download the app and create an account. You can choose to buy or sell pictures in a safe and secure environment.

Yes! Anyone from around the world can download our app and choose to buy or sell photos/videos, regardless of where they live!

Users must be 18 or older. Anyone who is not 18 or above will not be allowed to make an account on our app and if they do, will be banned permanently.

Yes! Anyone can buy or sell photos/videos regardless of their gender as long as they are 18 and older. When users create an account they choose if they want to be a Buyer or a Seller, and can change between the two in their settings at any time.

Yes, the app is 100% free to create an account and there is NO monthly fee. Our app takes a 20% fee after each transaction is finalized, meaning we only get paid, if YOU get paid! The fee goes towards paying card processing fees, future app developments and other costs to run a business.

The app will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

We integrate a 3rd party payment processor into our app so users can easily link a credit/debit card or bank account and withdraw or deposit funds into the app. We do not store your bank account information and no users will be able to see your bank information.

We use a 3rd party company called bluecheck.me to verify all of our users are real people and 18+. Users simply take a photo of their government ID and a person validates the ID with the your account. To learn more visit bluecheck.me.

Yes! The only information that other people will be able to see is your profile photos, bio, and foot size (Sellers only) and age. You can choose to have your gender and ethnicity private, however we recommend you show these so Buyers can have a better chance of finding you. Your bank information and other personal info will be completely anonymous and no one will ever see this information except for our admins who are responsible for approving or rejecting accounts.